Friday, January 28, 2005

well its been a while since i put anything in here...i have basically just been chillin i am buying my time trying to get some freetime i started really getting into fashion i really enjoy guccis new line up i never knew there were so many brands that make clothes for specific kinds of peoples tastes i always thought a brand just wanted to make all good looking clothes not a specific good one like etro and d squared make like boy band clothesand how versache and gucci and cavelli make clothes i like they are alot more mature then the other ones they have more of a sleek look and a fancy look i guess thats why i like them right now my favourite line up is the fall 2005 calvin klien one it uses to many browns though..well that sounds really gay all taht about fashion oh well..i cleaned my room and reorganized it and then today i found out that kayleigh did the same on the same day which is cool yet creepy maybe we got a mind link thing going there..


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